Christopher Michael Hernandez II
March 2, 1992 — August 7, 2009
Always humble, always treating others with respect and kindness, Chris graced Servite with his intelligence, determination and musical talent. He was a young man of many accomplishments, an Eagle Scout, an excellent student and gifted musician. He played bass for the Servite Jazz Band and Campus Ministry Music Team. His love of music and the Lord brought beauty to every liturgy.1

His Mission
Dysgraphia is a neurological disorder characterized by writing disabilities making it difficult to express thoughts in writing and graphing.
Christopher, a very accomplished young man was challenged with ADD/ADHD and Dysgraphia. Since the age of 4 his mother knew that Christopher had difficulty writing. She took him to dozens of doctors & therapists. I was not until he was 15 that she found someone who could tell her that her son had Dysgraphia. Shortly before he left this world he had told his parents that he was going to become an accountant and retire early so he could start his second career helping kids with ADD/ADHD and Dysgraphia.
This foundation will fulfill Christopher's dream and help others with these challenges. The focus area for Christopher's Way will be Dysgraphia, since this is the least understood disability.

1 From Servite High School,

Christopher's Eagle Scout project dedication where he presented the Garden to the Meyers and Martinelli families
Christopher’s Eagle Scout Project
Each Eagle Scout must complete a leadership project as a part of their requirements for the rank of Eagle.This project must be a substantial undertaking and must provide benefit to the community, a church or School.
Christopher decided to build a memorial garden at St. Bonaventure School for two precious souls who have touched St. Bonaventure. One was Joey Myers, alumni of St. Bonaventure who passed due to cancer. The Second was a teacher of St. Bonaventure, Mrs. Martinelli, who was also lost to cancer. Both of these individuals were special people to the St. Bonaventure Family.
Christopher’s project involved mounting a six foot tall angel statue in a garden facing the existing Virgin Mary statue. He also placed a statue of two children sitting on a bench reading a book. This is in the same garden and faces Mrs. Martinelli’s old classroom.
Only 4% of all Boy Scouts Make Eagle

Christopher with his bass in his music room

The Hernandez family, Christopher Sr., James, Christopher, Dawn

Christopher relaxing in his Sea Doo

Christopher's Servite High School Press Pass for Journalism

Christopher, Michael and Delta Spirit.

Moab, Christopher’s First Solo Performance

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